Best master courses in Poland

Best master courses in Poland for International students

What came first in your mind when you are looking for master courses in abroad. Let me share, fees, environment, university, country, food, education and ‘n’ number of things running in your mind. Today we are going to share some of the best master courses in Poland along with their university. But before that why europe for master degree? let us share some key features of Poland. There is ‘n’ number of things to explore in Poland. The higher education of Poland is very well-mainted or well-developed. Poland is also famous for their cuisine. Poland govt. also provide some scholarships, which is applicable for NON-EU students as well. Lot’s of historical place to visit. The people of polish are very welcoming, polite and loving. They can always invite you for a dinner or a supper. Thus, student life is very exciting in Poland and hence, you must think of pursuing your higher education in Poland.

Why Master degree in Poland?

There are lots of ancient universities in Poland. so, here are some reasons why you have to pursue your masters degree in Poland :-

1. When we are comparing the cost of living in Poland with western or northern part of poland is very reasonable or affordable.

2. The fees of the university in Poland is relatively cheaper than France, the UK, or Germany.

3. The accommodation charges are less.

4. 400-500 courses offered in the English language in Poland.

5. Poland has many old universities in Europe. Out of them, Jagiellon University is one of the oldest universities in Poland and Europe which was founded in 14th century.

6. Jagiellon University and Warsaw university are the best university in Poland.


Best master courses in Poland

Here are the list of Best master courses in Poland

1. Aviation
2. MBA & Management
3. Business & Economics
4. Engineering & Technology


For those students who want to pursue a career in technical courses, Poland is the best option. Technical universities in Poland accept international students from different countries from all over the world. For engineering and technology courses, there is the best university in Poland, who always deliver the best quality of education in Poland. A student can get a wide variety of specializations to choose from while doing engineering from Poland, as there are almost all types of engineering courses available in Poland.

Here is the list of universities who provide best master courses in poland in engineering :

Top BE / B tech Universities in Poland City

AGH University of Science and Technology           Krakow
Bialystok University of Technology                          Bialystok
Krakow University of Technology                             Krakow
Gdansk University of Technology                            Gdansk
Lodz University of Technology                                 Lodz
Lublin University of Technology                               Lublin
Opole University of Technology                               Opole
Poznan University of Technology                            Poznan
Warsaw University of Technology                            Warsaw
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology   Wroclaw


  1. The minimum age of a student should be 17years old.
  2. The academic background of students should be great.
  3. If you are applying for Bachelor courses in Poland, students should have passed 10+2 from any recognized Board of India or abroad and have over 50% marks.
  4. A good score in entrance exams like TOFEL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS etc.
  5. If you are applying for master courses in Poland, then student should have passed bachelor degree from any recognized board.


Modern management knowledge is provided by universities in Poland and MBA graduates from Poland are doing really well in their businesses and they are working successfully all over the world. The quality of education which MBA colleges in Poland provide to their students is the best quality education. It helps students to understand how to manage projects by easily achieving goals, helps them to understand business and teamwork etc.

Here is the list of universities who provide the best master courses in poland in MBA. 

Top MBA Universities in Poland City

Poznan University of Economics                                         Poznan
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management                Warsaw
Warsaw University of Technology Business School        Warsaw
Kozminski University                                                             Warsaw
Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)                                 Warsaw
Cracow University of Economics                                        Cracow
Lublin Business School                                                         Lublin
University of Business in Wroclaw                                     Wroclaw
Centre for Management Training (CMT)                          Warsaw


  1. Students should possess a Bachelor’s degree from any recognized University.
  2. Students should have a valid resume and letters for professional recommendation from any 2 professionals.
  3. A good score in IELTS, TOFEL, and PTE.


Economics is a social science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. In other word, Economics is the social science that analyses the economic prosperity of the society. Interest rates, exchange rates, economic indicators, and equity markets etc. are taught in a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Economics. 

Here is the list of universities who provide best master courses in Poland in ECONOMICS :

TOP economics universities in POLAND :

University of Gdansk                                                      Gdansk
University of Lodz                                                           Lodz
Lazarski university                                                          Warsaw
Wielkopolska Business School                                     Poznan
Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)                          Warsaw
University college of social sciences                         Czestochowa
University of Opole                                                       Opole


  1. Students should possess a Bachelor’s degree from any recognized University.
  2. Students should have a valid resume and letters for professional recommendation from any 2 professionals.
  3. A good score in IELTS, TOFEL and PTE.


Medicine is taught in English medium. The quality of education in Poland is very high. All the medicine universities in Poland are recognized by international bodies such as WHO, MCI etc. Univesity in Poland also provide scholarship to the deserving candidates. Students can get internships and also good job opportunities in renowned hospitals during their MBBS in POLAND.

Best master courses in Poland

Here is the list of universities who provide best master courses in poland in MBBS :

TOP mbbs universities in POLAND :

Jagiellonian University                                               Krakow
Medical university of Gdansk                                   Gdansk
Medical university of Warsaw                                   Warsaw
Medical university of Lodz                                        Lodz
Medical university of Silesia                                     Katowice
Poznan university of medical sciences                  Poznan
Medical university of Lublin                                     Lublin


  1. The minimum age of student should be 17 years.
  2. Students should be the stream of PCB ( Physics, Chemsitry and Biology ) from any recognized Board.
  3. Minimum 50% aggregate of PCB combined. 

All the information regarding courses, university and scope are in front of you. Take a ONE-on-ONE session with our expert and get enroll for your dream course. Best master courses in Poland
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